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What is A Hologram?
Hologram is an image registered with use of coherent laser light. It allows preserving the 3-D information of a holographed subject. Virtually impossible to copy and displaying unique visual effects, they present themselves as an unbeatable security solution for brand protection and brand promotion.

Why Holograms?
are dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level of security for products, packaging, and documents. Our self-adhesive tamper-evident security hologram labels provide authentication and protection against counterfeiters. Our manufacturing processes utilize the latest technologies and techniques, thus making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to create fake products or forge documents.

Counterfeiters have existed since the earliest days of trade, but technology and a lack of security measures on the part of manufacturers has helped their numbers, and their profits, grow. Producers of currency, passports, drivers' licenses, manufacturers of brand name products, and other valuable products know firsthand how devastating the counterfeiting trade can be.

When you choose Holograms to protect your products, you are essentially purchasing an insurance policy that keeps your revenue and your consumers safe from the clutches of counterfeiters and their low-quality goods.
Using Holograms may not prevent forgeries and counterfeiting completely, but it sends a message that your company isn't going to sit back and let others profit from your ingenuity and investment.

A company's decision to integrate a security and authentication system into its line of products is a positive marketing decision and a good economic choice. It is a decision that ensures only GENUINE products and goods are being sold and purchased, plus it makes counterfeiting more difficult and less likely. Because they are already highly valued for security, holograms are rapidly becoming the only method for protection against counterfeiting. So for a Totally Secure Solution from a source you can trust, choose Holograms for your product's and your customers' protection.

Holograms are now firmly established as a vital element in the protection of products and documents against counterfeiting. Their great popularity is because they are cost-effective; they are attractive and can be easily applied to most materials.

Where is Hologram Used?
Every Industry and any industry can use the Holographic products to enhance the image of their brands in the market as a genuine and authenticated brand. They are used for attractive product packaging, security applications (they are almost impossible to counterfeit), fancy gifts, etc. For your quick reference, some of the industry segments where Holograms are used very frequently are as follows:

  • Recording Media (Music-Diskettes / CDs, Cassettes / Tapes / Software).
  • Identity Cards, Passports, Visas and Drivers Licenses.
  • Tax Stamps, Sales Tax Declaration Forms, Excise Labels, Ration Cards.
  • Mark Sheets, Degree and Diploma Certificates, Books and Publications.
  • Electrical / Electronic Appliances & Components.
  • Clothing, Hang-tags, Branded Fashion Wear & Accessories.
  • Automobiles Spare Parts and Automotive Components.

HOLOGRAMS: The Best Product Security Authentication Seal
Every successful brand today faces a grave danger - "duplicate products". These cheap imitations ruin the reputation of the Company and its brand equity built up after years of effort and a lot of money. Almost all National Governments are applying HOLOGRAMS on various documents.


 Over 2500 genuine producers in the Pharmaceutical/ FMCG/ Liquor/ Automotive components/ Music/ Consumer Electronics/ Apparel/ Sports Goods/ Software/ Educational Institutions (certificates/ degrees)/. and other industry segments are successfully using holograms and have noticed manifold increase in sales.


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