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Shrink labeling is amongst the most advanced and versatile form of labeling the world over. High quality of heat shrink labels which are graced with brilliant colors and fine printing are suitable for all kinds of packing. Proud of multiple features, these can enhance the appearance and increase the value of the packed products, and can also resist dampness, dust and, what's more, it also prevents counterfeiting. It is insured that this label is perfect to protect the quality of the products packed with it. Attractive shrink labels can shrink on to most contours of varied container substrates including Glass/ PET/ Plastic Bottles, Composite cans, Tin cans etc.

Usual method of application
Putting the shrink film sleeve manually and pass the product through a heater and conveyor systems called "Shrink tunnel". For sample purposes, heat from hair dryer can also be used. Mass production application usually employs automatic machinery to put the sleeve onto product together with automatic heating.

We offer superior shrink labels, and sleeves wish exhibit brilliant colors and fine printing. Our shrink labels are most suitable for all kind of packaging, particularly for bottled water, juice and edible oil bottles, besides cosmetics, liquor and others.

However, our commitment for excellent will take us many miles ahead of our competitors.

Today, shrink labeling is almost the most advanced and versatile form of labelling across the world and it has many advantages. It not only enhances the appearance of packaging and increases the value of products, but also resists dampness, dust and prevents counterfeiting. Our attractive shrink labels perfectly fits on most contours of varied container substrates including glass, PET, plastic bottles etc.

   * It enhances the brand value of the products
   * Offers flexible and rigid packaging
   * Excellent printability for enhanced graphics

Areas of Application/Uses:
Shrink labels and sleeves are most preferred packaging solutions across industries. Shrink sleeves find application in the following products:
 * Food products: Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Beverages, Liquors, Pickles, Jams, Jellies, Fruit Juices, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Ghee, Edible Oils, etc. in bottle/can/packets.
 * Cosmetics: powder, perfumes, hair oil, shampoos,
 * Pesticides; Pharmaceuticals; and consumer products etc

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